verizon iphone, i love you, and i'm sorry.

brian got me the new verizon iphone as my belated bday gift and i love it!  it arrived on monday, and today (five days later) it took a lavender bubble bath. *tear

in the middle of my already hectic morning of frantically packing and trying to stay warm on one of the coldest san francisco weekends of the year, gizmo decided to pee in his cat carrier on the way home from the vet. i ran a warm lavender bubble bath for gizmo and his carrier as soon as we got home, and by the time i had him all clean and smelling like lavender i was drenched, and freezing!  (by the way... it's cat lavender bubble bath, safe for kitties!) so i threw my wet jeans over the top of the shower, but as i was throwing them i thought to myself why are these so heavy?  well... as soon as i heard the loudest kurplunk i've ever heard in my life coming from the bathtub, i turned and threw myself into the tub instantly remembering my new iphone in the back pocket of my jeans. ugh!  i reach for my new iphone, now drowning in 5 inch deep lavender bubble bath and pull it out.
i panic. i try to text, and make a call but my phone freaks out! i take one last picture (below) and turn it off.

after seeking advice on facebook from friends i grab the vacuum and start sucking the water from all it's openings. it seems to be working, but i know there's still more in there!  i pour a ziplock bag full of rice and drop up my new iphone in, then make an appointment at the genius bar.

i arrive at the genius bar later that night, hand the guy my bag of rice (and brand new iphone), and tell him i dropped it in water. i don't know if it was because i looked like i could start crying at any moment, my pathetic attempt at absorbing up all the water in a bag of rice, or that i told him the truth, but he gave me a new one, and at no cost!  i love you apple.

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