the coolest xmas gift i've ever received... but to keep, or not to keep?

the amazing brian got me this awesome jellyfish tank for christmas, but after much thought and deliberation we decided to return it.  it's an awesome idea, and i am personally mesmerized by jellyfish but maybe the idea was better than the reality.  i don't want to get attached to something that's going to die in a year!  i know you think 'how could anyone get attached to a jellyfish' but you'd be surprised. i get teary when one of my houseplants dies!


christmas cookies

it's that time of year again.... time for christmas cookies!  this year i made gingerbread trees with lemon drizzle, chocolate pistachio, almond thins, red velvet whoopie pies, and iced sugar cookies.  


tree on the car...

headed home to decorate!



hard to believe you've been gone seven years today. miss you everyday mom.



the most beautiful video capture i've seen...

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.



fecal face dot com coverage photos

my photo coverage of 'sink or swim' a benefit show for sharks and their oceans at spoke art gallery is up on fecal face dot com.  please stop by and check out the full coverage by clicking on any image below or the link here.

let the sunshine in

my favorite climate is 90 degrees with high humidity and some rain on the side. i know, i sometimes wonder why i life in san francisco too.
but when the sun came out from the clouds today i was sooo happy! hopefully it will dry up our newly stained retaining wall and bench and show no signs of damage. i can't remember the last time it rained for so many days in a row... and it just had to be the day after we stained. i have the worst luck.


sink or swim at spoke gallery

great show for an awesome cause tonight, hope to see you there!


my backyard mock up

so we've begun transformation of the backyard dirt pit, as we like to call it.  here's a little mock i did in photoshop of what i'd like it to eventually look like...


salt point camping

went car camping this weekend at salt point state park for brian's birthday! great times were had with great friends.

copypaste culture

i have some work featured on copypaste culture today!  please stop by and check it out. thanks martijn!


int'l photography awards honorable mention

well, it was my fifth year entering the contest, and the fifth year i received an honorable mention. that sounds like i'm complaining, which i'm not!  i'm very excited about it.  i just hope to one day place in my category.
this year i actually received honorable mention for each of the photos i entered.
for fine art- landscape category

for fine art- other category

and for special- night photography category


rough seas

thought i'd blog a post or two about sailing while our accidental jibe sailing blog is still on hiatus.  it was a rough and stormy bay today... forecast showed chance of thunderstorms in the east bay.  but we figured we'd give it a go anyhow.
we sailed half way between treasure island and angel island and decided to turn back.  winds were gusting over 30 knots, and online sailing magazine latitude 38 described sailing that day as follows... "with a ripping ebb fueling a steep chop, the bay became a carnage factory, claiming gear and sails."  it really didn't seem all that bad out, but it just wasn't very enjoyable for the guest crew.  


lightning in san francisco!

okay, so it's not the most exciting footage... but it's lightning, in san francisco!!!  no need to watch the whole thing because the only flash i caught was in the first 5 seconds.


sayulita, mexico

brian got a new job, woo hoo!  so to celebrate we took off into the san francisco summer fog and headed to sayulita, mexico for eight days.  


made the front page, again!

and again, my latest treasury, 'outdoor autumn' made the front page on etsy! click the image below to have a look at the treasury... and thanks for all the love etsy!


i ♥ the san francisco passport agency

after booking tickets to fly to mexico brian and i both realized that our passports had expired this year, as in already... ugh!  alas, after a little google search and some helpful yelp reviews, we head to the san francisco passport agency. we tried making an appointment but the next available wasn't until september, and we fly in less than a week!  but no need, we walked right in on a friday afternoon, got a number and within ten minutes we were called to the window. with all our documents in check (old passport, required paperwork, new passport photos, flight itinerary, and a check) the nice man told us we could pick up the new passports monday morning! awesome. now if only every government agency could run this friendly, smoothly, and efficiently.

thanks san francisco passport agency!!!



i made the front page!

my latest treasury, 'the jewelry box 2' made the front page today on etsy, woo hoo! click the image below to have a look at the treasury...


fecal face dot com coverage photos

my photo coverage of jesse thomas' show 'the cerulean brigade' at eleanor harwood gallery is up on fecal face dot com. please stop by and check out the full coverage by clicking on any image below or the link here.



i officially shared my first instagram photo today.  i've had the app since it came out last year but never got around to using it till now! follow me at @4blankwalls


fecal face dot com coverage photos

my photo coverage of the group photography show 'we out here' at big umbrella is up on fecal face dot com, please stop by and check it out below. i was also one of the contributing photographers in the show as well!
kurt and joanna!
here are the pieces i had up in the show...
to see the full show coverage click any image above or the link here.



we have a tree! so it's a little scrawny, and sickly looking (all spotted)... but there he is, our bronze loquat!  see original story here.
and yes that is a pigeon flying right in front of my camera.


poo palace

brian built the kitties an awesome new 'poo palace' this weekend.  fully equipped with it's own ventilation system! they enter the palace from inside the house, and the box is built on the other side of the wall in the garage. pretty awesome.


come be our neighbor

the house across the street is for sale... 2 bedroom, 1 bath with garage, yard, and an awesome view (see below). house itself needs some cosmetic work inside, but it's super cute from the outside!


buster bobble head

another beautiful evening at the ballpark to watch the giants win and collect a couple more bobble heads with friends! thanks to brian's dad we had some pretty awesome seats in the view level, and got a new buster posey bobble head.  

 pre game warm up.
 the rocket boat doing donuts in mccovey cove.
let me help you with that, dad.