slingshot gallery opening

please check out my slingshot gallery opening coverage for fecal face dot com...

slingshot is a new pop-up art space run by artist freya prowe.  for now they have the space through january and will have their next rotating show sometime this month. couldn't find a date on their website.


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

at the christmas tree lot to pick out our tree!  i've been going to the same lot going on 7 years now!

they see me rollin'

this is so good.


happy thanksgiving everyone!

hope you all have a warm and joyful holiday. and to all the meat eaters, please give turkeys something to be thankful for and order a free range next year if you didn't already this time. gobble, gobble :)

my homemade pumpkin bread warm out of the oven and almost ready to be eaten, yum! 


'bear' pet hat from xmoonbloom on etsy

this is too cute, i need three.
(click photo to go to store)


autumn comfort etsy treasury

please check out the new treasury i put together... autumn comfort

above from elde


sweet ride

a capture from our adventures while house hunting in the east bay...


QUIET LANDS opening tomorrow

hope to see you all tomorrow from 2-5 pm at ATA gallery, 992 valencia at 21st. 

QUIET LANDS is a group photography exhibition that features work by amanda boe ashley suzanne taylor, chris koperski, kurt manley, nickolas albercht, and paccarik orue.  their photographs collectively depict the american landscape through a contemporary vision while exploring themes of home, culture, and timeless americana.

amanda boe
ashley suzanne taylor
chris koperski 
kurt manley
nicholas albrecht
paccarik orue

these hills of gold

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giants win the world series, yes!!!!!

after an amazing season, it all came to an awesome end tonight in game 5... the giants win the world series. 

we headed out to take some photos...