can't wait to go to the show. to feel that warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow.


fraction magazine, issue 38

i am excited and honored to be a part of the 4th anniversary issue of fraction magazine!  please stop by fraction and check out this amazing anniversary issue featuring work from 60  incredible photographers!
a very special thanks to david bram for making fraction magazine so amazing, and happy anniversary!


my homemade soft pretzels

okay, okay.. so i've made these amazing soft pretzels for a few parties and a few get-togethers and everyone just loves them! i've had a couple requests for the recipe... so here it is! feel free to come over any time when they're ready to eat. soft pretzels are definitely in my top 5 favorite snacks. yum.

read on for how to make.


ye old sailing blog

finally have a few updates, and more to come soon!


this camera is nuts!

check out the lytro camera review from wired!  "shoot now, focus later"


front page alert

woo hoo! thanks etsy for the front page love of my newest treasury... always fun! 


84th annual academy awards

30 films down.

at least 60 hours and over a hundred dollars later, i've seen all best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best original screenplay, best adapted screenplay, best art direction, best cinematography, best film editing, and best makeup nominations. 4 best costume design, 4 best original score, 4 best sound editing, 4 best sound mixing, 3 best visual effects, 2 best documentary, 1 best animated feature film, and 1 best foreign film nomination. (and still several films to go, but no time left before the awards!)

out of the 30 i've seen here are my favorites...
and here's how i'd rate the best picture nominations... clearly not who's going to win (my bet's on the artist).


succulent swindler

we've been hit by the bernal heights succulent thief!  they took two beautiful succulents, one of which had grown to about 12 inches and turned a gorgeous red (may have been a sunburn actually). who steals plants anyways?  and what are they doing with all these succulents? 
we  considered putting up a sign, but decided to just replace the abducted succulents with extra prickly cacti! 
also wanted to say thank you to todd lappin of the amazing bernalwood for sharing our unfortunate tale of stolen succulents. check it out here.