itch, itch, itch

after demolishing the backyard jungle in jean shorts and flip flops i found out the unfortunate way that there's poison oak growing back there!

my legs and feet are covered, and in agony. luckily it was a warm sunny day so i had long sleeves on to cover my tattoo's and wore gloves since i was shoveling. but my legs and feet were not so lucky. so far the spreading has remained on the leg and feet area, and i'm crossing my fingers it will all heal up before making it's way anywhere else!  it's my first encounter with poison oak, and i hope it is the last!  it itches so badly i want to scream and cry all the time.

my number one recommendation if you are suffering from poison oak... ice packs!  the stinging from the cold cancels out the itching sensation.


the jewelry box

i've purchased quite a few things on etsy over the years, and occasionally i'm not as excited about the item once i've got it in my hands as i was when i saw the photos.  but the one thing that never lets me down is the jewelry!  i've loved everything i've gotten!  here are some more things i'd like to add to my jewelry box.... (click below to see the whole treasury).  


fecal face dot com coverage photos

my photo coverage of paul wackers awesome show "idle/idol" at eleanor harwood gallery is up on fecal face dot com, please stop by and check it out...

i heart retrowhale

as most of you already know i'm a huge movie fan. so when i recently came across these awesome prints of directors from retrowhale, i knew i had to have them!  they come mounted on wood and are ready to hang.... and i love them!  she had quite a collection of directors to choose from already, but i actually was able to pick a few of my own favorites that weren't on the list. my 9 picks were, and as seen below... peter jackson, wes anderson, michel gondry, steven speilberg, alejandro gonzález iñárritu, john hughes, sofia coppola, danny boyle, and the coen brothers.

thanks so much retrowhale, i love them!


sneak peak of my paul wackers coverage

i headed to paul wackers opening last night at eleanor harwood gallery. his work was awesome as usual.  here are a couple shots below and the full photo review up on fecal face dot com soon.  


betty doesn't like getting her photo taken...

or maybe she's just grumpy because i woke her from her cat nap. 


happy april fool's!!!

i put together this little treasury on etsy in celebration of april fool's day. to see the whole collection click below.

what is the best april fool's prank you've pulled off???  have a funny read through the 'well-known pranks' section in wikipedia, they're pretty funny. 
(above therpsajik,)