my first etsy treasury

please check out the treasury i put together on etsy in honor of our san francisco giants. let's go giants!!!
above from myk1two


fecal face dot com pics

a few pics up from mr. john trippe on fecal face dot com from our opening at cafe royale last month, 'summer haunt'.  also included is coverage from ever gold, 111 minna, and kokoro studio http://t.co/vILPTcu


satellite kitty

betty got fixed. and she's finally starting to get used to the soft cone, thankfully. the first couple days were miserable for her.


just a little iphone snap shoot....

was out shooting with my friend amanda boe and stopped to take a quick iphone shoot.


summer haunt

show printed, mounted, framed, and out the door! so please come join us thursday, october 7th from 8pm till midnight at cafe royale (800 post @leavenworth).  photography works from me and amanda boe.  show runs through all hallows eve. 


west division champions... woooooo-hooooooo, giants!!!!

the giants win the western division, and we were there.... !!!


at the luggage store gallery

gallery sitting today at the luggage store gallery while our fecal face 10 year anniversary show is up.  i love this space.