83rd annual academy awards

i finally watched all ten academy awards 'best picture' nominations. all good films (some great), but 'best picture'.... really? below is my rank for 'best picture'. number one being who i think should win, down to my lesser favorite, number ten.

my top six 'best picture' picks are all brilliant films, and i can't wait to watch them all a second, and third time!  but i do have to say expanding to ten picture nominations i'm not sure was the best idea for the oscars. last year maybe i'd agree there were ten deserving nominations, but i think in the long run it might be a hard number to reach every year.

i'm not sure what all the hype over 'social network' is all about. i did think it was a really good, entertaining movie, but i don't see why it's great.

(update - sunday, feb.27th)

here's who i'd like to see win tonight.... there are a few movies i still haven't seen, or are sitting in my house waiting to be watched from netflix, but these are my picks minus those i haven't yet seen.

best picture - 'the king's speech'
actor in a leading role - james franco in '127 hours'
(still need to see biutiful)
actor in a supporting role - christian bale in 'the fighter'
actress in a leading role - natalie portman in 'black swan'
(still need to see blue valentine and rabbit hole)
actress in a supporting role - hailee steinfeld in 'true grit'
animated feature film - 'toy story 3'  by default
(still need to see 'how to train your dragon' and 'the illusionist'
art direction - 'true grit' or 'the king's speech'
cinematography - 'true grit'
costume design - 'the king's speech'
(still need to see 'i am love' and 'the tempest')
directing - tom hooper for 'the king's speech' or joel & ethan coen for 'true grit"
documentary (feature) - 'exit through the gift shop'
(still need to see 'gasland', 'inside job', and 'waste land'
documentary (short subject) - would love to see these, but can't figure how. not available on netflix or at local theaters.
film editing - 'the fighter' or 'the king's speech'
foreign language film - still need to see all of them!
makeup - 'the wolfman' by default
(still need to see 'barney's version' and 'the way back'
music (original score) - 'the king's speech' or 'the social network'
(still need to see 'how to train your dragon'
music (original song) - 'we belong together' from 'toy story 3'
(still need to see 'country strong')
short film (animated) - 'day & night' by default
(need to see 'the gruffalo', 'let's pollute', 'the lost thing', and 'madagascar, carnet de voyage' but again, don't know how to see these.)
short film (live action) - still need to see all of them
sound editing - 'inception'
(still need to see 'tron: legacy' and 'unstoppable')
sound mixing - 'true grit'
visual effects - 'inception'
(still need to see 'hereafter' and 'iron man 2')
writing (adapted screenplay) - 'winter's bone'
writing (original screenplay) - 'the fighter' or 'the king's speech'
(still need to see 'another year')

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