out and about the town

we've been out and about this week showing my dad and sally around our new neighborhood, as well as taking them by some classic san francisco sights. fun times!

finally ate at the old clam house on bayshore blvd., san francisco's oldest restaurant built in 1861!


check it off the list!

your 'to do' list seems to always be growing when you own a home.  well, this week while my dad was in town we got a lot of those 'to do's', done!

sally took me fabric shopping, and i reupholstered our six dining room chairs! my right hand was sore for a week, but they look great! 



my dad and brian built a shelving unit for the garage, nice work. then my dad and i managed to get everything organized and put away. we also hung my new 80lb punching bag, and made a little workout area. i'm pretty excited about the punching bag.


warming up with brian wilson

what a great day to be at the ballpark!  took my dad and stepmom whom were in town for a visit, to the game. we couldn't have asked for better weather or better seats.... directly six rows behind brian wilson warming up.  okay, i guess five rows up would have been better seats, but hey, i'm not complaining!

 and they win!


tree planting with FUF

helped plant tree's around the neighborhood with FUF today.  we were supposed to get ours too, a bronze loquat but it went missing at the nursery!  so now we're just waiting... with a dirt hole for a sidewalk. *tear


prints for sale

added several new prints to my etsy store this week... including my 'everything will be okay' series.  please stop by and check it out.