fecal face dot com coverage photos

my photo coverage of jesse thomas' show 'the cerulean brigade' at eleanor harwood gallery is up on fecal face dot com. please stop by and check out the full coverage by clicking on any image below or the link here.



i officially shared my first instagram photo today.  i've had the app since it came out last year but never got around to using it till now! follow me at @4blankwalls


fecal face dot com coverage photos

my photo coverage of the group photography show 'we out here' at big umbrella is up on fecal face dot com, please stop by and check it out below. i was also one of the contributing photographers in the show as well!
kurt and joanna!
here are the pieces i had up in the show...
to see the full show coverage click any image above or the link here.



we have a tree! so it's a little scrawny, and sickly looking (all spotted)... but there he is, our bronze loquat!  see original story here.
and yes that is a pigeon flying right in front of my camera.


poo palace

brian built the kitties an awesome new 'poo palace' this weekend.  fully equipped with it's own ventilation system! they enter the palace from inside the house, and the box is built on the other side of the wall in the garage. pretty awesome.


come be our neighbor

the house across the street is for sale... 2 bedroom, 1 bath with garage, yard, and an awesome view (see below). house itself needs some cosmetic work inside, but it's super cute from the outside!


buster bobble head

another beautiful evening at the ballpark to watch the giants win and collect a couple more bobble heads with friends! thanks to brian's dad we had some pretty awesome seats in the view level, and got a new buster posey bobble head.  

 pre game warm up.
 the rocket boat doing donuts in mccovey cove.
let me help you with that, dad.


happy 4th of july, and half birthday to me!

half way through the year till my wintery birthday, fourth of july was always like the christmas of summer in indiana. days filled with swimming, eating, water skiing, and fireworks!  temperature and humidity so high it would melt your red, white, & blue popsicle before you could finish eating it.  it was the best of times.

happy 4th, everyone!


cold feet

although it's been amazingly warm here this weekend, i can barely keep my feet in the bay for more than a minute before it stings with cold. it dropped my body temperature about 10 degrees in about 30 seconds, or at least if felt that way.