on the way to the christening party of the new and improved ffdg, we stopped by lowes on bayshore blvd to pick up a 'gallery warming' gift (a red headed irish man cactus, awesome). and when we came out this bmw (see below) was parked right next to my jeep!  what are the chances?  if you've ever been to lowes on bayshore, (which is a weird enough location to start) the parking lot is huge.  so not only did they park right next to me when there were about a 100 other places to park, but on the very same night we were buying a gift and headed to the gallery!  so weird. and what were they doing at lowes on a friday night i wonder?  home improvement project, weekend gardening project, leaky faucet... who drives this mystery bmw with the ffdg sticker on the back??

it looks awesome on your car by the way. 

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